Grimes、最新プレイリスト「the faé list」を公開 Kelela、SZA、LLLL、Yukariなどを選曲

Grimesが、最新プレイリスト「the faé list」を公開した。 



Starting a Spotify playlist. K had an edible before writing this so … its gonna be meandering—————–—–• In any case — obvïs missing a lot of artists/ songs on here but I plan to rotate it semi regularly, and try to stick to recent ish releases —————–—–• Description: songs i love.. tryin' to stick to independent artists, not always possible tho, and gnerally artists who write and/or produce their own shit. Artists I feel a kinship towards in some capacity. its a good energy for gaming or drawing in particular —————–—–• Also creating my own genre cuz ppl always ask what my genre is. theres more to it, but this is the first paragraph of my manifesto haha —————–—–• “The fae are the children living at the end of the world, who make art that reflects what its like to live knowing the earth may not sustain humanity much longer. We live knowing that environmentally driven genocide is nigh, that the least equipped are to be struck down by the very earth itself. Repentance by the innocent for the sins of the rich. This does not mean that all fae art is directly about this, but that the influence of this reality is inescapable for the fae” @purityring @hanatruly and @nicoledollanganger have already joined me in our nu apocalypse subgenera link in bio

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