Busdriverは、LAを拠点とするラッパー。最新アルバム『Thumbs』を11月6日にリリースする。また、同作には、日本のプロデューサーFumitake Tamura (Bun)のほか、Jeremiah Jae、Mono/Poly、Del the Funky Homosapieなどが参加している。

1. Hottentot Supercluster feat. Zeroh / prod. by Fumitake Tamura (Bun)
2. Black Labor (as understood by Equiano) / prod. by greyhat
3. Hyperbolic 2 / prod. by Mono/Poly
4. MUCH / prod. by Kenny Segal x Mike Parvizi x MrCarmack and Driver.
5. Ministry of the Torture Couch feat. Hemlock Ernst / prod. by Elos
6. Worlds to Run feat. milo and Anderson .Paak / prod by Kenny Segal
7. Surrounded by Millionaires feat. Daveed Diggs / prod. by Jonathan Stein
8. Great Spooks of Enormous Strength / prod. by Labeatski of The Breathing Effect
9. Del’s Couch feat. Del the Funky Homosapien / prod. by Driver
10. Answering machine / prod. + feat. Jeremiah Jae
11. NY 03 LIVE w/ Caural
12. Species of Property / prod. by Labeatski of the Breathing Effect

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(by T_L)