Clarkが新曲「The Grit In The Pearl」を公開


Clarkが新曲「The Grit In The Pearl」を公開した。


Artist: CLARK
Title: Clark
Release date: 2014/11/02 SAT ON SALE
国内盤CD BRC-446
定価 ¥2,200(+税)

1. Ship Is Flooding
2. Winter Linn
3. Unfurla
4. Strength Through Fragility
5. Sodium Trimmers
6. Banjo
7. Snowbird
8. The Grit In The Pearl
9. Beacon
10. Petroleum Tinged
11. Silvered Iris
12. There’s A Distance In You
13. Treat (Bonus Track for Japan)
14. Everlane

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(by T_L)