Ryan Hemsworthによる最新ミックス、『COOL DJ MIX』が公開


Ryan Hemsworthによる最新ミックス、『COOL DJ MIX』が公開された。

Ryan Hemsworthは、カナダのDJ/プロデューサー。日本のプロデューサーTaquwamiによるリミックス、「Perfectly (Taquwami Remix)」を収録したEP『Still Awake』や、Lofty305をフィーチャーした「Against A Wall feat. Lofty305」収録のデビュー・アルバム『Guilt Trip』のリリースなど、日本でも注目を集めている。

Ryan Hemsworthは、4〜5月にヨーロッパツアーを控えており、本ミックスはSoundCloud記載のリンクよりダウンロードが可能となっている。


COOL DJ INTRO (Sarah Bonito)
DIRGE – mssingno glitch
Tomggg – harusaki
Smany – Sherbet (Madegg Remix)
lontalius – yr heart is beating
abhi//dijon – Twelve
Son Lux – Rebuild (Baths Remix)
KPP – Slowmoooooo
Rook Milo – Kawaii Kingdom
karate chop hwaaaaaAAAA
Tennyson – Aphasia Rewinding (just a lil snippet)
Virtuoso The God – THAZMYSHYT (this is a Goldlink instrumental)
goodbye sky harbour <33333 Tennyson - No Answer Silkersoft - Wasserlevel JIGGLYPUFFFF INTERLUDE \(=^‥^)/’` Basenji - Dawn Raph Lauren - Home Murlo - Bowed Politru - final found DZA - Sakura Ryan Hemsworth - Weird Life (Druid Cloak Remix) Tayutafu - Afternoon Tea ppa3 no rest 4 the wikked Nomak - Chrystaline Y E Λ R S - 初音ミク Houdinne - Damn Ricky Eat Acid - Big man's last trip outside Ryan Hemsworth - OG BOBBY HEMSWORTH the WORST taste in music Dawn Golden - I Won't Bend Brendan Johnson - Da Art Of Storytellin (Bootleg) some dramatic piano song i made for a documentary that never came out Ricky Eat Acid - White Roses unreleased Tink verse team rockit - hymn (anima) Evian Christ - Waterfall Jonah Baseball - Louisville Slugger Lido - I Finally Came To Love You (demo) Nothing is Real (Ticklish Edit) DOSS - Here Tonight Jessy Lanza - Move Closer Head Over Feet (Schwarz Trap Bootleg) A. G. Cook - Money On A Gold Plate Kero Kero Bonito - My Party (bo-en Remix) (i added stuff to it without asking lolz) P. MORRIS - Air Over Kansas Tree - Probably Nu It (with intro from dat Beck song) Branchez - Told Me Tokyo Hands - what u said before… Blank Banshee - Cyber Slums ex girl collection Gridline - Shortlife Dreamline Shlohmo - No More (outro so pretty omg) Wet - No Lie (acapella so pretty omg) DJ Paypal - Sonnade Spooky Black - without u (acapella so pretty wow) move that dewp P. MORRIS - Submission (Devil Mix) (i added stuff without asking hehe) Ryan Hemsworth - First & Last Kiss (with Maurice) Charles Spearin - Mrs. Morris More Info: Ryan Hemsworth